Things You Didn't Know You Needing On Your Temporary Wall
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Things You Didn’t Know You Needing On Your Temporary Wall

For those interested in temporary walls NYC residents use to provide additional rooms in apartments, you can choose from a variety of additions that add comfort, privacy, greater air circulation, and noise reduction depending on your needs.

The additions also address certain issues that may come with standard temporary walls, such as not having a window or enough natural light coming into the space. Understanding what additions are available, means making the best-informed choice about what to add when ordering a pressurized wall. What follows are some of the more common additions that many companies have which offer this type of product.


Glass Doors: Instead of a solid door, you can choose to have doors with a substantial amount of glass, such as French doors or a frosted glass door. French doors are attractive and let in plenty of light. A frosted glass door also lets in plenty of light, but offers more privacy as it cannot be clearly seen through.

Pocket Doors: Not to be confused with sliding doors, which have tracks on the outside of the wall. A pocket door slides inside the temporary wall itself. The advantages are considerable to having this type of door, although the empty space inside means somewhat less sound protection when the doors are shut.

Sliding Doors: The advantage of sliding doors as opposed to a traditional door is that they take up far less space. A swinging door requires more room while the sliding doors stay along the walls. In small apartments, the amount of room saved by a sliding door can be crucial to making the choice of whether to have them installed or not.


Active Windows: These are windows that open and shut, much like normal windows you find in apartments. This not only allows for more light, but also better ventilation and circulation of the air. This helps prevent the room from becoming a hot or cold spot.

Stationary Windows: These are windows that do not open but allow light to travel inside the room. This is an economic choice for those who want to have natural light come into the room at a low cost.

Other Features

A common feature is having a closet to help maximize the use of space. The built-in closet can be small or large depending on your needs. You can also choose to have air circulation windows which appear to be vents in the wall. This means little of the light can come in, but you do have better air circulation that can be augmented by a fan. Another choice is to have additional sound insulation in the walls. This is perfect for those who live in noisy apartments.

Choosing the right addition for temporary walls NYC residents enjoy having in their apartments means getting the most out of your investment. Whether the walls will be present for a semester or the foreseeable future, having the proper additions means that you can live in greater comfort inside your new room.