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If you are thinking of dividing a room with a temporary wall, then you will need to add the right door to make the new room accessible and complete. Many have chosen French doors NYC residents love for their style, appearance, and practical nature.

What are Temporary Walls?

A temporary wall is much the same as a permanent wall, but with one important difference. While permanent walls are attached to the ceiling, floor, and adjacent wall using fasteners such as nails or screws, a temporary wall uses pressure instead. Applied from inside the temporary wall, the pressure maintains contact with the adjacent surfaces to ensure that the wall itself stays in place.

In fact, many pressurized walls can even hold posters, painting, and several pounds of storage. They are professionally installed usually in a few hours and once painted or decorated are often indistinguishable from their permanent counterparts. You can spend a little extra to have any seam filled to help complete the appearance.

Temporary walls are a great way to create a new room which can be rented to a roommate, used as a guest bedroom, perfect for storage, or whatever use as you see fit. Many people who start up a home business will have a temporary wall installed to create their office.

French Doors

Of course, adding a new wall means dividing an existing room into one or two more rooms. To enter the room, you can select French doors. Your temporary wall will look like a permanent addition when you choose French doors for the entrance. The doors are wide, attractive, and are well-crafted, so they will work for you time and time again.

The advantages of French doors NYC residents love are considerable for whatever use you have for the new room.


These types of doors are noted for their large glass panes which allow in a considerable amount of light. This is part of their charm, but it is also quite practical and helps brighten an otherwise dark room.


French doors are popular because they are so beautiful along with being functional. The added style and elegance enhances the room to a considerable degree. This is especially true if the French doors lead to a room that has natural sunlight.


In addition to the considerable style, French doors also offer a practical way to enter the room. These types of doors tend to be wider, providing more room so you and what you need can go inside. The practical nature of French doors makes them a good choice, especially if you are storing some items in the new room.

Affordable: Another great advantage is that adding French doors to your temporary wall is not expensive. In fact, it is a great choice that enhances a room while still fitting in your budget.

If you are considering adding a temporary wall to your home, apartment, or office, then selecting French doors NYC residents love is a great way to add style and class.


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