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Flex Walls NYC

If you live in New York City, then you understand how living spaces are at a premium. With rents getting higher and living spaces become scarce, many are turning to the simple, affordable solution of flexible or flex walls. The flex walls NYC residents are choosing offers considerable advantages while being affordable and temporary which abides by most apartment codes.

How Flex Walls are Set Up

The first step is measuring the area you want divided by a flex wall. You can choose a wall that cuts across a larger room. Or, you can selection one that is L-shaped and use the corner of a room. Companies that offer flex walls will have professional installers to help along the process of knowing how much room is available for a new wall to be set up.

Once the area and type of wall has been chosen, it can be professionally installed quickly within a few hours. This means that you can have the wall in-place in one day. The flex wall is set up and secured to the surrounding floor, walls, and ceiling with the use of pressure. No fasteners, nails, or screws are used. This means that once the wall is removed, it will not leave behind any marks or damage to the surfaces.

Why Choose Flex Walls?

There are good reasons why flex walls NYC landlords appreciate along with their tenants makes for a great choice. For starters, this type of wall as the name implies can be used for a wide variety of room shapes and sizes.


You are no limited to a single wall running across a room. For example, those who live in a long, rectangular studio or loft can create two additional rooms on one end by installing the right flex walls. The choice also includes adding storage, windows, and painting or decorating the walls to suit your needs.


The biggest selling point in attracting a new roommate is the privacy provided by flexible walls. Now you can offer a separate room for those who want to split the rent and pay less for living in NYC. This can pay dividends in the long run.


Flexible walls are not only temporary they are quite inexpensive. Just by adding a roommate, they not only gain their privacy, but the wall pays for itself in a short time. This means that you can pay for a wall which will pay in helping you land a new roommate or create a new office space. Even if you are looking for a little extra storage, flex walls are designed to fit your budget.

The benefits of flex walls NYC residents can appreciate starts with the privacy they provide, the ease in which they can be installed, and the fact that they do not leave behind marks, scrapes, or any indication that they were present once removed. For landlords, this means that their tenants can create additional rooms for roommates that provide better stability in terms paying rent.


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