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The high cost of living in NYC means that renters are looking for every angle to split the rent by adding more roommates. However, the price of adding more people into an apartment is usually the lack of privacy. This can be solved with the use of room dividers NYC residents have relied upon for years as an inexpensive, yet quite effective solution.

How Room Dividers Work?

Proper room dividers are not the short dividers that you see in many offices, but rather they stretch upwards to the ceiling. The dividers themselves are made from durable materials and are designed to be temporary in nature. This means that they use internal pressure exerted on the surrounding floor, walls, and ceiling to stay in place.

Room dividers are professionally installed and offer the same amount of privacy compared to a permanent wall. You can choose dividers that reach the ceiling or stop short and leave an opening. Plus, you can also get dividers that cut across a room or an L-shaped version when you want to create a corner room. Some dividers come with windows, storage areas, and other benefits.

Why Choose Room Dividers?

There are good reasons why room dividers NYC business owners and residents use daily are a good choice for you. Consider that such room dividers are temporary. This means that once their use is over with, having them removed is no issue. You can also choose to add more dividers depending on your needs without making any permanent changes to the home, office, or facility.


For those who want to join in with other roommates, but fear giving up their privacy, this type of divider works perfectly. This means for those who are looking to add a roommate, you have an effective means of having them pay part of the rent since they get their own room. Plus, for parents who want their children to have their own room, this is a great way to divide up one larger bedroom into two smaller ones.

No Damage to Room:

Room dividers of this nature use pressure and not fasteners, nails, or screws to stay in place. That is why they are approved by so many landlords because they do not cause any damage to the structure itself. You simply have the dividers installed, finish them to blend in with the rest of the residence or office. And no one will be able to distinguish whether the wall is temporary or a permanent part of the area.


When you consider how much room dividers cost compared to the benefits provided, you can see just how inexpensive they are to purchase. A good room divider provides the privacy needed to add an extra roommate, create an office, or provide additional storage space without damaging the room itself.

If you are looking for the benefits that room dividers NYC residents and business owners trust, then you should check out the various designs which are available. You can find a wide range of room dividers that fit your needs while staying well inside your budget.


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