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Soundproof Temporary Walls NYC

There is little doubt about the effectiveness of temporary walls NYC residents and business owners trust to provide more privacy for roommates, employees, and the like. However, if there is one issue that temporary walls lack compared to permanent walls, it is that they have less soundproofing available. Soundproofing is a consideration that is not at the forefront of people’s minds until they start to notice the noise coming from the other side of the wall.

Why Soundproofing is an Issue

The difference between temporary and permanents walls lies in how they are attached to surfaces. While a temporary wall uses pressure, a permanent wall uses fasteners, screws, and the like. This means that a wall which is built into the structure from the start will have greater soundproofing abilities. This is because permanent walls are heavier with more soundproofing material inside. Plus, because they are permanently attached, the sound and vibrations coming from the other side of the wall are better absorbed.

Temporary walls that only use pressure to hold them in place tend to be lighter and still allow for vibrations to pass through easier. This means that while you may not be seen, you will probably be heard at a greater volume compared to being on the other side of a permanent wall. However, you can add soundproofing to a temporary wall to alleviate the noise.

Advantages of Adding Soundproofing to Temporary Walls NYC

Adding soundproofing temporary walls is an extra expense, but there are advantages compared to a standard temporary wall.

Less Noise:

The soundproofing within the temporary wall helps to blunt sounds coming in from the other side. This means that high and medium pitch sounds are more likely to be absorbed by the soundproofing material inside the temporary wall. This helps to reduce the noise created by talking and music to a considerable degree.

Less Vibrations:

Low sounds and vibrations, such as those created by footsteps, are now better absorbed by the temporary wall with soundproofing. This is because the additional weight presses down on the floor while not leaving any mark behind. The weight will lower the amount of vibrations and help to dampen low sounds that come from footsteps or dropped objects.

More Privacy:

The less sound you hear, the greater your privacy becomes. This is also advantageous for those who might be concerned about creating noise, such as playing music or engaged in conversations on the phone. The more confident you are about being inside a room with a temporary wall because of the noise reduction, the greater amount of privacy you will feel.

It should be noted that even with soundproofing, a temporary wall will still let in some noise. But the amount will be significantly reduced.

All things considered, soundproofing temporary walls NYC residents will appreciate thanks to the reduction of noise and greater privacy that is part of the advantages. It is true that you will pay more, but the expense may well be worth it. Especially if potential roommates are leery of the noise without the soundproofing installed.


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