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Pressurized Walls

universal temporary walls

These pressurized walls provide sturdy wall partitions that create a space by separating one room into two individual spaces with the same complete privacy that a regular wall provides. They are installed using a pressurized system that secures them firmly in place without damaging the existing structure. Door included.

Room dividers

The room divider fulfills many unique functions: permanent separation, as necessary in galleries, stores and restaurants; transportable barriers, as needed in convention centers; sliding partitions, as used in offices and administrative buildings; and fixed dividers, useful for both residential and commercial locations.

They are available in two main formats:

•    Floor to ceiling. This will provide complete privacy.
•    Partial coverage. This provides a visual and functional separation, but still allows  for overall  sight of an area. This can be used in conjunction with decorative elements, such as potted plants.

Additional elements. In order to achieve a purposeful look and completely functional use of a divided room, it is sometimes recommended to add additional elements that create a finished space. To that end, we offer a wide range of services that will perfect your project:

•    Single window. This is a sheet of fixed, pure glass that is attached to the upper part of the room to provide light. It measures approximately six to seven inches from the ceiling, but the exact position and size are as per the customer’s request. A window is often advised in order to avoid a dark space.

•    Set of windows. This is a pair of two windows, installed approximately four inches from one another. This provides optimal light and air into the newly created room.

•    French doors. These classy features lend a feel of elegance, luxury and beauty to your domain.

•    Soundproofing. While our pressurized walls are sturdy and thick, the addition of sound proofing helps further muffle unwanted sounds from carrying from room to room.

•    Closets. Our expert builders can construct your wall in a way that includes a built-in closet.  This is a convenience that is much appreciated in a space where one large bedroom or office will be divided into two, and only one side of the original room contains a closet.

•    Fans. Dividing a room with a ceiling fan can be tricky, but our knowledgeable staff is trained to create an idyllic situation for all of our customers.

Our pressurized walls are installed by highly experienced installers. Feel free to see our gallery of awesome walls and read some of our great reviews.  Then contact us for a free quote.


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