Benefits of Pressurized Walls NYC
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Benefits of Pressurized Walls NYC

For decades, pressurized walls have been used to create extra rooms in apartments, so that roommates can have their own space without causing any permanent changes to the room itself. However, there have been changes in the building codes in NYC, have added new regulations to have a pressurized wall installed.
The code has been tightened to ensure that if a pressurized walls NYC is added, that they are not permanently attached to the surrounding walls, ceiling, and floor. This means that the new wall will not cause any damage to the existing walls. Furthermore, while it is technically true that all new walls, regardless of whether temporary or permanent have been subject to a Department of Buildings permit, most building owners tended to not apply for a temporary or pressurized wall permit.
While some landlords will not have any structure, temporary or otherwise, put into place, it is true that tenants and landlords are mostly working towards solutions that allows for a cost-efficient pressurized wall to be put into place. This means more tenants and more rent for the landlord while the resident finds shelter at a decent price.
You cannot have a pressurized wall put up in just any room. There are certain requirements that must be followed for the wall to be placed.
Room must be at least 80 square feet
Room must have a window
Does not block exit routes
Keep in mind that the management is not obligated to allow you to construct a wall until you get it in writing. So, do not sign any lease unless it includes provisions for allowing a pressurized wall to be put into place. Getting everything in writing will certainly help with any disputes or misunderstandings that you might incur.
There are good reasons why pressurized walls NYC have become so popular in the NYC area. If the room you choose qualifies for a temporary wall, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting one.
Privacy: The most obvious advantage is that roommates do not have to share the same room, they can divide it into two rooms. Having your own personal space, a place that you can shut the door and be alone is important. So, it’s little wonder in a city that never sleeps that getting as much privacy as possible is one of the most important benefits that temporary walls provide.
Dampens Sound: Another important factor is that the sound that emanates from one area is dampened before it reaches a room with a temporary wall. This means that noises are reduced which makes it easier to relax and sleep. While the reduction of noise is not complete, it is enough to make it less noticeable and distracting.
Storage: There are those who choose to purchase a temporary wall to create a storage space. In other words, a new room that has no occupant. This is a great choice for those who plan on staying in their apartment, condo, or home for a long time. Plus, the wall can be removed when needed without having to do a major remodel.
While the price of temporary walls varies depending on several factors, the average price is about $1,000. Usually, there is a security deposit included which you will get back once the wall is removed and no damage has been done to the property itself.
Seamless or Seams: There are two basic versions of temporary or pressurized walls. Those with seams and those that are seamless. For those on a budget, going with seams will probably be the answer. They are quite popular in the NYC area and are less expensive compared to the seamless version. For aesthetic purposes, seamless walls are better as they appear more natural. However, they require additional work to blend them into the existing wall and ceiling.
Lease or Purchase: Most companies will lease walls to their customers, offering up to three-years on a standard contract. After that point, a renewal fee is required. So, you should take the time to consider whether purchasing the wall outright is better compared to leasing. While a lease is less expensive for short stays, if you plan on being there for a while, you may want to consider purchasing the wall to avoid a renewal fee.
French Doors: For those who do not want to block out all the natural light, you might want to consider adding French doors instead of the standard ones. Keep in mind that adding French doors will boost the cost of the wall by $1,000 to $2,000. But they may be worth it if you want a more pleasing appearance to the wall and to let in as much natural light from the outside as possible.
Three Companies that Build Temporary Walls in NYC
If you are going to have a temporary wall built, then you should look at the services provided by the following companies;
All Week Walls
Temporary Walls NYC
Pressurized Walls NYC
All Week Walls has been in business for over 15 years, provides up front pricing which means no hidden fees, and donates part of their earnings to charity. Temporary Walls NYC has also built a strong reputation over the years for putting in pressurized walls. Their high-quality service combined with fair pricing has made them a popular choice. Pressurized Walls NYC can be found in Manhattan, but they serve the greater New York City area, offering to put in temporary walls for all types of uses.
Over the years, each company has earned a strong reputation for constructing high-quality pressurized walls at an affordable price. You should look over the services and prices offered by each company before making your final decision.
If you are looking to share an apartment in NYC, then you should consider the option of having a pressurized wall to provide privacy. A good pressurized wall will set apart the space you need, dampen the sound coming from the outside, and do so for a reasonable price.