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Temporary Walls NYC

For those who are living or working in New York City who need to create an extra room for a roommate, a new office for an employee, or a specific storage area, then temporary walls are the answer. A temporary wall NYC residents and business owners trust offer the same advantages as a permanent wall but adds in fact that can be easily installed and removed without damaging the surrounding walls, floor, and ceiling.

What is a Temporary Wall?

A temporary or pressurized wall can be put into a room large enough to be divided into two smaller rooms. The wall itself can go straight across or it can be L-shaped to take up a corner. You can also divide one large room into three rooms, two of which are smaller and set up on one end of the large room.

This type of wall is held in place by the pressure it applies to the surrounding walls, floor, and ceiling. Instead of using fasteners, screws, or the like, the inside of the wall exerts pressure to hold it in place. That means it is relatively simple to have professionally installed. But more important is that when it comes time for the wall to come down, the pressure is simply released which means that no trace of the wall is left behind.

Temporary Wall NYC Benefits

There are numerous advantages for those who want to have a temporary wall put in an apartment, office, or facility. It’s versatility, inherent strength, and low cost makes it the perfect option when adding a room to your residence or business.

Bring in a Roommate:

If you have been having trouble getting a new roommate because of the lack of privacy, a temporary wall can solve that situation. It creates an additional space with all the benefits of a permanent room. This includes having the privacy needed while adding yet another person to share the rent.


For residents or business owners who need a separate storage space, a temporary wall is a great solution. It provides the needed space and can actually hold a few items as well, making it just right for those who have more stuff than they have space to store it without being seen.

Creative Solutions:

Getting an extra room means a new bedroom, storage space, office, or whatever is needed. You can use your imagination when creating a temporary room that works just like the permanent ones in your residence or business. Do you need a dark room for photography? Perhaps you want to create a separate room to watch movies or play games? If you need the extra space, a temporary wall can provide it.

A proper temporary wall NYC residents and business owners want is solid, dependable, and affordable. Plus, it does not leave behind any trace once removed. This makes it perfect apartments with landlords who do not want to damage the surrounding walls, ceiling, or floor. Plus, for business owners you can have the wall easily removed when needed.


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