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For those who live in apartments that do not allow for partitioning, bookcase walls NYC residents purchase makes for a popular alternative. Around New York City, many apartment dwellers are looking for additional roommates to help pay the rent. However, getting a new roommate usually means having a private room for them.

While temporary walls are the most common solution, there are some building owners who do not like to have them installed. If that is the issue, then you might consider bookcase walls which offer most of the advantages of a temporary wall, but they are freestanding instead.

What are Bookcase Walls?

Basically, they look like bookcases, but they are more than that. These are bookcase walls that are designed to fit the room. This means that a professional team of installers will measure the room and create a bookcase wall that provides the privacy you want. Considering just how important privacy is for those moving into a new apartment, especially if they have not met the current residents, then having a bookcase wall is most desired.

Once completed, the bookcase wall offers the privacy that your new roommate will appreciate. It is large enough to create a separate room, yet it is also functional and blends in well with your home, apartment, or office. The bookcase is also freestanding which provides advantages in terms of installation and can be removed once its usefulness is over.


There are several benefits to having this type of wall in your apartment or residence. They are professionally installed and offer years of valuable service for you and perhaps future residents.


This means that the bookcase walls are not attached to any surface for support. Unlike temporary walls which uses pressure, these bookcases will stand on their own without the need for pressure or fasteners. This means that they do not leave any marks and do not rely on exterior surfaces for any additional support.

Beautifully Designed:

Each bookcase wall is unique as it is designed to fit the very space where it will be used. This means that if you need to divide a room, the exact size of the bookcase is created which makes it the perfect addition. Once installed, it may not be noticeable by those visiting your residence that the bookcase was not part of the original construction.


Even if you are not much of a book fan, you can still use the bookcase to hold a wide variety of items. Because it is free standing, the items you place will actually add a little ballast to the case to help keep it steady. You can use books, flower-pots, knick-knacks, or leave the bookcase bare if you desire.

If you live in an apartment or building that does not allow for traditional partitioning, these freestanding bookcase walls NYC residents and business owners enjoy may be the right alternative. They provide the privacy you want while meeting the requirements of building owners who do not want to create more partitions.


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