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Pressurized Walls NYC

In New York City, finding affordable housing can be quite difficult. And even if you have enough people living in the same apartment, it usually comes at the sacrifice to privacy. But thanks to pressurized walls NYC residents are learning more about, it is now possible to have the best of both worlds.

What are Pressurized Walls?

A pressurized wall is a temporary wall can turn one room into two separate rooms. The wall itself has the same appearance as a permanent wall, is quite sturdy, and can even hold pictures, posters, and a little storage with no issues. The difference is that the wall is held in place due to the pressure it exerts on the floor, ceiling, and adjoining walls.
The pressure that is placed on the surrounding surfaces do not leave a mark. This is because no fasteners, nails, or screws are used to keep the wall in place. The wall itself is quite sturdy, will last for a long time, and can be taken down once it is no longer needed. The pressurized wall can be set up in a single day by professionals who are skilled at installation.
Once set up, you can paint or decorate the wall as you choose. Plus, you can select walls that can be blended into the room so no one can tell that it is temporary.


There are strong benefits to choosing a pressurized wall if you live or work in the NYC area. The most obvious advantage is that you get a temporary wall that is indistinguishable from a permanent wall, but that is where the benefits begin.

Different Types:

In addition to the pressurized wall that runs across the length or width of a room are those that are L-shaped which is set in a corner. Plus, you can get walls that reach all the way to the ceiling or leave space near the top for additional ventilation. Some pressurized walls come with windows or storage, so you can keep extra items on the wall which takes up less space in the room.

No Marks:

Because the wall uses pressure and not fasteners, it does not leave a mark which is why so many landlords and complex owners prefer it. Once the wall is taken down, all that is needed is a little cleanup of any dust or debris where the wall once stood which removes all traces that it was there.


Considering the low cost of a pressurized wall, you can easily afford one for your apartment which provides the privacy you will enjoy. Getting this type of wall is often the difference-maker in having a new roommate come in and pay part of the rent. This means that the wall pays for itself quickly and you keep more money in your pocket.

If you are looking to increase the number of rooms in your home, office, or facility, you should check out pressurized walls NYC residents and business owners can trust. The walls are safe to use in existing apartment complexes and are durable, sturdy, and offer the privacy you need while being affordably priced.


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