Pressurized Walls for Apartments
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Pressurized Walls for Apartments

Pressurized Walls for Apartments with Limitless Options

Our pressurized walls for apartments utilize an advanced tension system which in turn makes our walls incredibly reinforced and staunch while never using nails or screws. In addition, our walls are available in a variety of shapes including T, L , or any custom design you can think of. We offer an array of doors including sliding, french, double sliding, double french doors, and an assortment of different windows including small, large, medium, and sliding windows as well. Moreover, our walls are available with soundproofing and can be seamless at your request. We also can construct free-standing walls or bookcase walls if your building does not permit pressurized walls.

We specialize in helping you divide an apartment or other living area by installing non-damaging temporary pressurized walls for apartments that transforms your space. A one bedroom apartment easily becomes a two bedroom apartment by partitioning a room with our temporary pressurized walls.

Our walls allow you to enjoy the privacy a "real" wall brings, without stretching your budget or leaving damage to your apartment.  After the wall is removed (by us) per your request, you will have your space restored back to its original state.

Pressurized walls are ideal for students, young professionals or even expecting parents looking to create extra space for a newborn. They also offer companies extreme flexibility that plan to divide or share their commercial space, but would rather not incur the expense of a true remodel. Pressurized walls NYC provides: temporary walls, pressurized walls for apartments, room dividers, pressurized walls for offices, and many more by your request.  We cover the entire NYC and the metro area (including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Hoboken, Jersey City, Bronx, Long Island)

All wall removals are $850. Must give 30 days advance notice for this pricing.

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