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Couple Moves to SOHO

After landing a promotion, my wife and I finally had the money to move to SOHO. We were so excited to be living in a place that offers everything New Yorkers like us would want. However, our small apartment was about to become considerably smaller with a baby on the way. It was not long before we started looking at temporary walls NYC companies to provide the room needed for our little one.

Why We Decided on a Temporary Wall

I remembered during my college days some friends purchased a temporary wall for their apartment, allowing them to put one more person in that helped on the rent. Back in those days, it was possible to get a full temporary wall that reached the ceiling. That really helped with the privacy, but our research indicated that getting one like that was going to be difficult.

So, while we understood that a full temporary wall  was no longer allowed, we shopped around for the type that left some room from the ceiling. We ran it by the landlord who approved. An advantage we had was that our landlord was not only kind, but also had experience with temporary walls and approved of them. This made the process of getting a temporary wall so much easier.

We did a little research and discovered that not only were there temporary walls that were legal, but also offered storage space. After all, the baby is going to want toys one day and it helps to have a place to keep them. The added cost of the storage space did not exceed our budget, so we decided to go with one that had a standard door.

Once we made the order, the appointment was made, and the wall put in. I was surprised just how quickly the wall went up which meant that we were able to move in the crib quickly. Over the past few months, the wall has really paid for itself thanks to the privacy and quiet it offers. While I can still hear my little man crying from time to time, I feel better knowing that he has his own room. I also feel better knowing there is one more wall present to help keep the noise down.

A World of Difference

After the baby arrived, we put him in his new room, complete with crib, monitor, and plenty of gifts from friends and family. Having his own room was so important to us, but perhaps even more importantly it provided a little more privacy for me and my wife. While the challenges of parenthood are no doubt going to bring one surprise after another, I can rest assured that my little guy will be safe and snug in his own room.

For anyone who is thinking about using temporary walls NYC residents like me have in their apartments, I urge you to check out the different types that are available. You may be surprised by just what you can get even when working on a tight budget.