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The Best Soundproof Temporary Walls in NYC

If you are looking to turn your existing space into an additional office, gym, bedroom, or nursery, you know you can trust Pressurized Walls NYC. We specialize in building entire pressurized temporary walls in NYC to serve all renters. We are located in Manhattan, but we have constantly served New York City over the years we have been in operation.

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Our Services

We can build pressurized walls of any size and shape, such as T shapes, L shapes, that match your specifications and needs. Besides, our soundproof pressurized walls and bookcase walls will give you extreme flexibility if you want to remodel your apartment, residential or commercial space. Pressurized Walls NYC majorly serves Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Jersey City, Bronx, Hoboken, and Manhattan.
Have a look at the walls we build:

Temporary Walls NYC

If you are a resident or business owner looking to create an extra room for your needs, then you might want to try temporary walls in NYC. It is ideal for building a temporary wall in a large space divided into two smaller rooms. The pressure holds the temporary wall. It applies to the floor, surrounding walls, and ceiling. No nails, screws, or fasteners are needed during installation.
What’s more, it is relatively simple to install temporary walls in NYC since the process only involves pressure. And when it is time to bring down the wall for any reason, you can be sure that it will not cause any damage to the surrounding walls.

Benefits of Temporary Walls NYC

Versatility, robustness, and low costs all come with installing the temporary wall in your apartment or office. Moreover, there are other advantages of using temporary walls in NYC:
Extra Space and Privacy: With temporary walls, NYC installed in your house, you can now worry less about privacy if you add a new roommate. The temporary wall acts like a permanent wall creating additional space for you.
Creative solutions: Do you, for instance, need a dark room for your photography business, watching movies, or playing games? Try temporary walls NYC since they are sturdy and affordable, just made for you!
Storage: Well, and if you need separate storage space for your business, a temporary wall could be the perfect solution you need. It will be ideal for those who have much stuff but lack enough storage space.

Soundproof Temporary Walls NYC

Temporary walls can be a great addition to any apartment or business. However, unlike permanent walls, temporary walls have one limitation -- they have less soundproofing available.
We understand that soundproofing might not be a priority for many New York City residents. But it only takes a few days before the noise coming from the other side of the wall starts irritating you. That’s why you need temporary soundproof walls in your home.

Why Soundproofing is Vital

A temporary wall uses pressure to attach to the surrounding walls and floor, while a permanent wall uses screws, nails, and fasteners to stick to surfaces. As such, permanent walls are heavier with more inbuilt soundproofing material. As a result, it makes it easier for them to absorb better the vibrations and sound coming from the other side of the wall.
On the other hand, temporary walls that only use pressure to hold them are often lighter and allow vibrations to pass through easier. And one thing for sure is that you don’t want to be heard at a greater volume from the other side of the wall. Therefore, we always recommend that you add soundproofing to a temporary wall to alleviate the noise.

Benefits of Soundproof Temporary Walls

We know that you might find it hard to factor in soundproofing in your budget. But, think about it -- there are several advantages of having a temporary soundproof wall instead of a standard temporary wall. Look at these:
Less Noise: Soundproof temporary walls help to blunt sounds coming from the other side. As a result, soundproofing material inside the temporary wall is more likely to absorb high and medium pitch sounds. As a result, you can rest assured that soundproofing will help minimize the noise created by music or talking to a greater extent.
More privacy: If you are more concerned about creating noise, such as engaging in phone conversations, you can supplement your privacy with temporary soundproof walls. However, you need to understand that although a temporary wall will still let in some noise, the amount will be significantly reduced -- hence greater privacy.