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Room Dividers New York City | COVID Dividers

Our COVID dividers come in form of pressurized walls. We are a company that exclusively builds pressurized temporary walls in New York city. With high number of COVID-19 cases in New York, strict social distancing measures have to be followed. COVID divider act as temporal barriers to separate a once open office, classroom or waiting area to ensure social distancing is maintained.

The COVID-19 cases seem not to be demining in the number of cases, and people are learning how to live with the virus among us. In that regard, Pressurized walls sort to provide temporary walls to enforce the social distancing requirements.

We inexpensively turn your existing space into an additional bedroom, office, gym or even nursery through the use of our advanced tension system to form COVID dividers.

Why Pressurized walls as COVID dividers

The pandemic is likely to go away someday, and you’ll want your space back as it was. For this reason, we advocate for pressurized walls to divide your space. The walls have no nails to drive through your walls or floor. Pressurized walls are unique with spring loads that keep them standing.

Using pressurized walls as COVID dividers give the advantage of;

  • Easy installation
  • Can be sound proofed based on your need
  • Allows for easy restoration of the space after use
  • No damage to existing walls
  • More space created to enforce social distancing measures

At Pressurized Walls NYC, we have no leasing policy to alleviate any hidden fees. Contact us Now for enquiries.

We also facilitate removal of the pressurized walls once its use has been surpassed or change of location.

We offer the lowest price New York has for temporary walls.

Our Pressurized walls as COVID Divider features include;

  • French doors
  • Sound proofing
  • Sliding door
  • Bookcase walls
  • Flex temporary walls as COVID dividers
  • Room dividers

The essence of COVID Room dividers New York City is to serve the greater public in enforcing social distancing measures. Our readiness to provide you with this solution is a call away. Contact us Now.

Our team of qualified personnel will heed to your request immediately. Pressurized walls NYC has been in the market long enough to understand the laws around pressurized walls in NYC. At this time of a pandemic, while you are busy figuring out how to get things back on track, we will step in with our knowledge and experience to assist. While the New York department of building requires plans for pressurized walls before issuing a permit, some building have strict no pressurized walls policy. Be sure to consult with us on any issue.

We serve Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Jersey City, Hoboken, Long Island and Bronx.

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